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Escape in Nature with Comfort & Facilities

While the interior of the hotel is characterized by comfort and elegance, the exterior is dominated by the wild nature of the Cretan landscape.
  • Accomodation

    Delina Mountain Resort consist of 13 comfortable rooms, elegantly decorated that offer a delightful stay to the visitor.

    All rooms have fireplace, Jacuzzi, veranda with view of the snowy peaks of mt. “Psiloritis”, which is the highest mountain and also a landmark of Crete.

    The hotel offers two rooms for people with physical disabilities as well as two non-smoking rooms.
  • Οur little shop

    At our hotel and in our gift shop,our guests are able to purchase traditional Cretan items,many of which have the scent of Mount Psiloritis. Also available, are items one may need during your stay at Delina Mountain Resort.
  • Stone Theater

    A beautiful outdoors ancient Greek style theater underneath the Cretan sky with panoranic view of the venetian lake. A lot of events, such as concerts,plays and many more take place during the summer.It is also perfect for presentations and anything else you can imagine!
    If you wish to host your event here we kindly ask you to contact our reception!

  • Venetian Lake

    Taking a small walk around our venetian lake,which is aproximately 1400 years old,you have the oportunity to learn about hearbs such as thyme, laventer, sage,fennel,mint,e.t.c.,which we have planted around the lake and we take care with a lot of love.This hearbs are served in our beverages and in some of our dishes at our restaurant and coffee shop!
    The lake is full with Koi fishes which are a common symbol of the Chinese culture and Feng shui and are depicted in art,clothes,tattoos and even more.
    There are a lot o muths about koi fishes.The oldest of whom is the story of the Chinese philosofer Confucius.The philosofer had a son in 533 B.C and king Shoko gave him a black koi fish as a gift.According with the myth,all koi fishes of today,with their bright colours come from the same fish the king has gifted.
    The legend says that Chinese people onwards bred the fishes at the rise fields and used them as food,especially during the long winter months,and not as pets.The Chinese people later on past on the knowledge of raising those fishes to the Japanese.Keeping koi fishes in lakes started at Niigata,Japan during an especially cold winter

  • Church

    Our church is named Saint Helen and Constantine and Alkiviadis.
    It was build a long with the hotel. The architectural design is Byzantine and it brings beautiful moments to many of your special occasions.

  • Outdoor Events Space

    Our resort also was an ouside space which can host your events such as wedding parties,engagements e.t.c
  • Observatory deck

    From the observatory deck,which is located just above our church, you can see the village that lays beneath until the sea and also have a panoramic view of our complete resort.
  • Stable

    A small stable with sheep, chickens and goats